Course Duration

This course is approximately 90 minutes (depending on learner)



Passing mark of 80% required to receive certificate of completion (3 attempts provided)


Certificate of Completion

Awarded upon successful completion and is available immediately

This online Basic Fire Safety Training course will help to educate workers who may respond to small fires using stored pressure or cartridge operated extinguishers. Many fires can be contained quickly by a prompt response with the right equipment. Our basic Fire Safety Training course provides a proactive approach to Fire Safety.

This Online Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety Course Covers:

  • How do fires burn?
  • Fuel types and states
  • Heat Types
  • How does Oxygen affect fires?
  • Different types of Fires
  • Fire extinguisher types/ agents
  • Important of Fire Extinguisher inspections
  • Basic firefighting
  • How to controlling different types of fires
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