Course Duration

This course is approximately 6 hours (depending on learner)



Passing mark of 80% required to receive certificate of completion (3 attempts provided)


Certificate of Completion

Awarded upon successful completion, can be taken into any registry in Alberta to receive 3 demerit reduction.

This full 6 hour Defensive Driving Program is approved by the Alberta Government for 3 demerit reduction. Participants must obtain at least 80% on the final exam to qualify. The program has full audio, video and interactive exercises. If you are looking for a comprehensive defensive driving program that also is approved for demerit reduction – this is it. This program teaches our trademarked SAFER System of Defensive Driving.

In order to receive a reduction in demerits, you will be required to successfully complete this course and then register your information online at the Driver’s Registration website below. A government notice-of-completion form will be mailed to you within 7 business days. Bring your notice-of-completion form to a local registry office in the province of Alberta.


Non-Alberta residents can take this program, but will not be able to receive the 3 demerit reduction, they will receive a course completion card instead.

This Online Defensive Driving 3 Demerit Reduction Course Covers:

  • Introduction
  • Driver Competency Model
  • SAFER System of Defensive Driving
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Most Common Collisions
    • Rear End Collisions
    • Backing Collisions
    • Intersection Collisions
  • Other Collisions
    • Vehicle In Front Collisions
    • Passing and Being Passed Collisions
    • Head On Collisions
    • Bicycle Collisions
    • Motorcycle Collisions
    • Train Collisions
    • Wildlife Collisions
  • Drinking, Driving and Drugs
  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
    • Cellular Phone Related Collisions
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