Course Duration

This course is approximately 75 minutes (depending on learner)



Passing mark of 80% required to receive certificate of completion (3 attempts provided)


Certificate of Completion

Awarded upon successful completion and is available immediately

The key to preventing workplace incidents lies in changing behaviour. This online course has been designed to heighten everyone’s sensitivity to at-risk situations and to provide the tips, tools and understanding needed to shift at-risk behaviours in ourselves and others to create safer behaviour’s everywhere.

This online BBS course explores the following topics:

  • Factors that influence behaviours
  • Different types of consequences and how they affect behaviour
  • How habits are formed and how they can be changed
  • The critical fundamentals of an effective safety culture and how it can be improved

Behavior-based safety creates a partnership between managers and employees that focuses on behaviour in relation to the workplace. It encourages employees to help each other be safe by calling-out at-risk behaviours and encouraging safe behaviours, effectively creating a culture of safety.

This Behavior Based Safety Course Covers:

Chapter 1: ABC Model of Behaviour
This online chapter describes a model of behaviour that can explain why people exhibit at-risk behaviours at work and home. As well, this covers what makes individuals decide to work safely. The chapter explores four types of ‘consequences’ and the behaviour each ‘consequence’ is likely to evoke. It also introduces key influencers that impact our behaviour.
Chapter 2: Habits
Habits, once formed, are resistant to change (regardless of whether they are good or bad). This online chapter looks at habit-formation, breaking bad habits, and how to build good habits.
Chapter 3: Behaviour-based Safety
Behaviour-based safety (BBS) is a science-based, methodical approach to safety that employs an understanding of what drives, reinforces, and sustains people’s safe behaviour. This online chapter describes the “Do It” system. This is a four-step method that helps teams to correct unsafe behaviours at the workplace or at home.
Chapter 4: Safety Culture
This online BBS chapter uncovers different types of safety cultures, challenges that face an effective safety culture along with tips and strategies for building an effective safety culture anywhere!
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