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Ground Disturbance Safety Course

Ground Disturbance for Supervisors

This ABCGA APPROVED Ground Disturbance 201 Online course is valid for any Worker or Supervisor who requires Ground Disturbance 201 training – ABCGA Approved via Astec Safety.

Coronavirus COVID 19 Online

The outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) presents new challenges in the workplace as employers strive to keep businesses running and support the health and well-being of their workforce.

 A business’s response to the COVID-19 crisis needs to address business operations and employee concerns. In addition, it must include safety considerations and steps that will stem the severity of the outbreak.

COVID-19: Action Plan for the Workplace course is designed to help employers and managers prepare and respond to exposure and illness caused by COVID-19. Organizational plans that take into account policies and procedures, human resources matters, and supply and production issues can help companies and employees prepare for the health pandemic.

 Being prepared, yet flexible enough to adapt to an ever-changing situation, supports an entire organization. Click the button below for this online safety training.

Online Safety Training Courses Leadership in Safety

Leadership in Safety (LSE)

Designed for supervisors and Managers, this online course helps participants understand their role in supporting their health &safety management system. This online training course consists of four modules. 

WHMIS Training Certification (Online)

WHMIS 2015 & TDG

Get certified in WHMIS and TDG with this online safety course package. The material will teach you the classification, safe storage and identification systems with hazardous materials in the workplace (WHMIS) as well as the regulations for Transporting Dangerous Goods within Canada (TDG). Certificates are provided for both online training courses.

WHMIS 2015 &TDG Course Overview

  • What is WHMIS?
  • Components of WHMIS
  • WHMIS responsibilities
  • How hazardous products enter the body
  • Classes of hazardous products
  • WHMIS 1988 symbols
  • WHMIS 2015 hazard groups and classes
  • WHMIS 2015 pictograms
  • Supplier and workplace labels
  • Consumer labels
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Emergency Actions
  • Personal Protective Equipment
Fall Protection Course

Fall Protection

Do you or your employees face the dangers of falling? This detailed Fall Protection Online Course introduces workers to the dangers associated with work at unsafe heights. Safety Precautions are explored to help plan, supervise and work safely with heights. Certificate provided upon online safety training completion.

Confined Space Entry and Monitor Course online safety training

Confined Space Entry & Monitor

This Confined Space Entry and Monitor Online course delivers critical information for individuals who may have to enter or perform work in a confined space. Many hazards can arise within a confined space and preparation through training is essential. Get your confined space training course online.

Confined Space Entry and Monitor Course Covers:

  • The differences between confined space and restricted spaces
  • Classification systems for confined space entry
  • Common confined space and restricted space hazards
  • Procedures for the assessment, testing, elimination, and control of hazards
  • Personal protective equipment requirements for confined space entry
  • Permits, logs, communication systems, and emergency response plans required for confined space entry
  • Employer, worker, and monitor (tending worker) responsibilities as they relate to confined spaces

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Defensive Driving Course

Defensive Driving 3 Demerit Reduction

This full 6 hour Defensive Driving Program is approved by the Alberta Government for 3 demerit reduction. Participants must obtain at least 80% on the final exam to qualify. The program has full audio, video and interactive exercises. If you are looking for a comprehensive defensive driving program that also is approved for demerit reduction – this is it. This program teaches our trademarked SAFER System of Defensive Driving. Click the button below for this online safety training.
Rigging and Slinging (Advanced)

Rigging and Slinging (Advanced)

This online Safe Slinging and Rigging Training course covers safety techniques, regulations and practises required for workers rigging and rig loading. This information is critical for safe crane operation and those assisting with slinging and rigging loads. Information is provided according to Canadian Standards Association and observes American Nation Standards (ANSI).

Lockout Tagging Safety Course

Lockout Tagout in the Workplace

This detailed online Lockout Tagout training course focuses on the safety processes of Lockout Tagout procedures for varied work environments and construction sites. Many legal requirements surround Lockout Tagout measure to eliminate potentially fatal hazards in the workplace. This program is essential for employees, management and anyone entering a site with Lockout Tagout procedures.

Hazard Assessment Safety Certification

Hazard Assessment

This online Hazard Assessment Training course stresses the importance of hazard assessments in the workplace as well as personal protective equipment,  health and safety management systems. Occupational Health and Safety cites the importance of Hazard assessments and the joint responsibility between the employer and the employees.

Fire Extinguisher Online Certification

Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety

This online Fire Safety Training course will help to educate workers who may respond to fires using stored pressure or cartridge operated extinguishers. Many fires can be contained quickly by a prompt response with the right equipment. Our Fire Safety Training course provides a proactive approach to Fire Safety.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Training Course

Alcohol & Drug Awareness

A safety-minded workplace should be free of the dangers associated with Alcohol and Drug use. Increased knowledge on the impact of Alcohol and Drug use in the workplace has spurred updates to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. Today, better informed employers are ensuring that employees arriving to the workplace are “fit-for-work.”

Workplace Cannabis Training

Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Impairment for Employees

This online Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Impairment for Employees online program reviews a number of core topics relating to reasonable suspicion and workplace impairment so that your workers are aware of how drugs and alcohol negatively impact safety, productivity, and culture on a job site or workplace.

BBS Behaviour Safety Course

Behaviour-Based Safety Online Course (BBS)

We all know that workplace incidents involving injuries are costly in terms of human loss and suffering as well as financially. With thousands of workplace fatalities and debilitating injuries reported in Canada and the United States every year, the costs keep rising. Yet inquiries into workplace incidents and near misses often reveal that the majority are foreseeable and preventable. Click the button below for this online safety training.

Online Safety Training Courses Workplace harassment and violence prevention training

Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Training

Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention course is designed to help individuals understand how to identify incidents that could be considered workplace harassment and/or workplace violence. The program identifies system and personal security measures for preventing workplace violence and describes strategies for dealing with “different,” “difficult,” and “dangerous” people.

Online Safety Training Courses Forklift Operator Safety Training

Forklift Operator Safety Training

This all-in-one training course makes it easy to train your forklift operators as it covers safety topics that are critical to avoiding accidents and injuries including general safety, pre-operation, operation, load handling, fuel/battery maintenance, and specialized units.
Online Safety Training Courses Welding: Safety & Health Protections

Welding: Safety & Health Protections

Whether an employee is working with the hazardous gases of an oxyacetylene unit, the high voltage of stick welding, arc welding, or the combination of gas and electricity that powers “MIG”and “TIG”operations, flying sparks, toxic fumes, electric shock and high temperatures are just some of the things that can make welding a dangerous proposition.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Canada (TDG)​ Online Safety Training Courses

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Canada (TDG)

Dangerous goods put people, property, or the environment at risk due to their chemical or physical properties. The hazards associated with dangerous goods are magnified when they are moved or transported. Accordingly, Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act ensures public safety by specifying strict regulations that must be followed when transporting these types of materials.

Bear Awareness​ Online Safety Training Courses

Bear Awareness

This online Bear Awareness training program covers information relevant to individuals who spend time working, hunting, or enjoying recreational activities in bear country. The information in this safety course will help you to become more knowledgeable about your surroundings and prepare you to handle a situation where bears may pose a hazard.

Chainsaw Safety​ Online Safety Training Courses

Chainsaw Safety

An OSHA-Compliant Training Class Online for Chainsaw safety. This safety course covers basic chain saw safety as it relates to tree trimming, disaster clean-up, forestry and more.

Statistics have shown that there are certain inherent dangers associated with chainsaw operations, even during normal working conditions. A chainsaw can be a very dangerous piece of equipment;most of these injuries and deaths are due to several basic hazards. 

This safety course will discuss some of the more common hazards associated with chainsaw operations and show you how to recognize these hazards and avoid them.

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Back Safety​ Online Safety Training Courses

Back Safety

This online Back Safety course covers safe lifting practices as well as important information that all individuals should know about the most common back injuries.

Using the innovative Whole Life/Health Cycle safety training approach, this Back Safety course explores habits that can keep employees safe, healthy and productive.

Successful completion of this safety course enables one to:

  • Describe how the human back works
  • Explain how things like posture, sleep positions, physical fitness, and nutrition contribute to back health
  • Justify the importance of warming up before physical activity
  • Identify the right –and wrong –way to lift
Skid Steer Loader​ Online Safety Training Courses

Skid Steer Loader

Skid steer loaders are one of the most recognizable pieces of equipment in the industry. Their versatility and small footprint make them an asset, but they can also present a hazard when misused or pushed to their limits.

This online Skid Steer Loader course is designed to teach you how to be a skilled and safe skid steer loader operator. The information in this safety course covers the basics you need to know regarding inspections, operation, and maintenance. By the end of the course, you’ll take away the techniques and procedures required to reduce the risk of incidents, injuries, and product and property damage.

Skid Steer Loader Course Standards

This safety course was designed to comply with the requirements for theory training as outlined in:

  • CSA B335
  • SAE J1388-2013
  • 29 CFR 1926.20 and 21
  • OSHA 1910.178
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First Aid Basics​ Online Safety Training Courses

First Aid Basics

This online course is designed to help learners respond appropriately to first aid and emergency situations that may arise at work, home, and around the community. This safety course is intended to teach basic first aid only;it is not a substitute for full first aid training and certification or CPR training and certification.

After completing this safety course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify situations that require first aid response
  • Assess an environment for safety
  • Prioritize and apply first aid measures
  • Evaluate appropriate responses to a person in distress
  • Select a person to assist when other people are available
  • Communicate effectively with 911 and emergency medical service (EMS) personnel
  • Summarize the importance of company emergency plans, procedures, and policies
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Boom Truck Awareness​ Online Safety Training Courses

Boom Truck Awareness

In our highly mechanized world, cranes are the workhorses that have increased economic growth and productivity in construction, mining, logging, maritime, production and service facilities.

Mobile cranes are versatile machines that can be used for many job applications from loading and unloading materials to placing those materials or personnel at heights hundreds of feet high.

Mobile cranes come in all sizes. From large all terrain cranes used to lift loads in excess of 75 tons to small capacity utility truck cranes used for lifting much smaller loads, training is needed to ensure safe operation and productivity.

During this training we will cover the anatomy of the crane and stress the importance of inspecting it each day before it is put into service.

Training is needed to ensure safe operation and productivity. This online Articulated Boom truck safety training course meets OSHA requirements for powered industrial mobile cranes.

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Asbestos Awareness Online Safety Training Courses

Asbestos Awareness Safety Training

Asbestos awareness requires that all employees who could come into contact with materials that might contain asbestos be given appropriate training on working safely in these situations.

This safety course was created specifically to educate employees about the dangers of working with materials that may contain asbestos.

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Online Safety Training Course Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training

This Bloodborne Pathogens online course provides important information that workers and supervisors can use to protect themselves from being exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace.

Online Safety Training Course Crane Safety

Crane Safety : Safety Training

Cranes are common pieces of machinery in general industry that make it easier and safer for employees to manipulate materials throughout the workplace, including lifting and transporting heavy objects.The safe use of one depends on several factors, including crane operator safety training, proper maintenance and inspections, as well as diligence to safe work practices while operating it.

This online safety course is designed to familiarize you with hazards related to cranes and provide best practices to ensure safety while operating or working near one.

After completing this safety course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the primary intended use and identify the common types used in general industry
  • Identify potential crane hazards on a construction jobsite
  • Explain ways to protect yourself when working on or near cranes.
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Online Safety Training Course Daily Pre Trip Straight Trucks online safety training

Daily Pre Trip Safety Training

This online driver training course provides instruction on how to perform vehicle inspections that comply with the National Safety Code. While most vehicle inspection courses only list the items that need to be inspected, this safety course goes further by using professional videos to show truck drivers how to perform required truck inspections. 

Additionally, this safety course explains how to react to potential vehicle defects that are found during a vehicle inspection.

Understanding and effectively applying the vehicle inspection concepts explained in this online course will help truck drivers keep their vehicle road safe.

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Online Safety Training Course Defensive Driving USA

Defensive Driving USA : Safety Training

This online Defensive Driving course is designed specifically for American organization. The course explores the six components of the SAFER System of Defensive Driving: Space, Attitude, Foresight, Eyesight, and Responsibility.

Online Safety Training Course Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Safety Training

OSHA requires employers to provide their employees with a safe environment to work. In the event an emergency situation arises, most employers must have an emergency action plan that describes how employees are expected to react. 

All employees must be trained on these written plans, which list emergency contacts and procedures like reporting fires or other emergencies, evacuation, and rescue/medical operations.

Online Safety Training Course Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management Safety Training

Fatigue can be a silent killer when driving. Your eyelids droop, and your head starts to nod. Yawning becomes almost constant, and your vision seems blurry. You blink and blink again;you try to focus your eyes when you suddenly realize that you’ve veered onto the shoulder or into oncoming traffic. Quickly you veer back to your lane. This time you were lucky;next time you could become the latest victim of drowsy driving. 

This safety course reviews the dangers of drowsy driving and provides strategies that work to prevent it.

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Online Safety Training Course Hazard Recognition

Hazard Recognition Safety Training

This online Hazard Recognition course provides the information employees need to help prevent workplace accidents and injuries from occurring. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 3 million injuries and illnesses and more than 4,500 deaths occur on the job, each year.

 Reducing these numbers has to be a top priority for everyone in the workplace. Employers, employees, managers and supervisors can improve safety in their facility by identifying and controlling job hazards before they cause accidents. This process is called hazard recognition.

Online Safety Training Course NORM Awareness​

NORM Awareness Safety Training

This online Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) course aims to equip workers who may be exposed to NORM with a basic knowledge and understanding of NORM and the Ludlum 3-97 radiation survey meter. Workers should then be able to safely survey for gamma, alpha, and beta radiation as well as accurately provide clients with the results of NORM surveys.

Online Safety Training Course North American Cargo Securement

North American Cargo Securement

This online North American Cargo Securement Program is designed to explain the fundamentals and general requirements of cargo securement, based upon the National Safety Code for Motor Carriers (Standard 10). 

After completing this safety course, an understanding should be gained of the cargo securement standard, requirements of carriers and drivers, and general cargo securement requirements including the securement system, minimum strength requirements, tiedowns and edge protectors, and cargo placement.

  • NSC Standard 10 – Cargo Securement
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Online Safety Training Course Locating and Marking​

Locating and Marking Safety Training

Developed with input from a cross-sector of industries, Locate Management’s new online Locating and Marking 0.25 days (up to 2 hours) course is aimed at developing locating and marking skills and attitudes. 

This e-learning course describes Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and where locating fits into SUE. It explains locate marks and guidelines for marking operator facilities. The course also discusses electromagnetic locating methods, obstacles and tracing problems.

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Online Safety Training Course Compressed Gases

Compressed Gases Safety Training

Industrial and laboratory operations require compressed gases for a variety of uses and applications. People who work with compressed gas cylinders shoulder the responsibility to manage and use them safely, as they pose both physical hazards and chemical hazards. A compressed gas cylinder, if used improperly, can become just as explosively dangerous as a rocket or fragmentation bomb.

This safety course will teach you about the hazards of these pressurized containers, how they must be labelled, and how they must be stored, handled, and transported in order to prevent leaks, burns, and explosions. The course is highly recommended for anyone who works with or around any types of compressed gas cylinders.

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Online Safety Training Electrical Safety and Lockout Tagout​

Electrical Safety and Lockout / Tagout

Working with electricity can be dangerous. Workers performing service or maintenance on machinery and equipment may be injured by the unexpected startup of the electrical machinery or electrical equipment, or release of stored electrical energy in the equipment. 

In fact, failure to lock out machinery before working on it is a major cause of electrical injury and death. These deaths and injuries can be prevented by establishing and following an effective lockout / tagout program. 

This training will tell you more about electrical hazards, safe practices when working with electricity, and the lockout/tagout program and how it can save your life. Ideal learners are any employee who works on or around electrical machinery.

This online Electrical Safety and Lockout/Tagout –International course covers the following topics: 

  • Electricity Basics
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Grounding and Current
  • Energy Control Program
  • Inspections and Training
  • Personnel and Communication
Online Safety Training Workplace Safety Basics Work Practices

Workplace Safety Basics: Work Practices

Workplace safety is a shared responsibility between employers and their employees. Under the General Duty Clause, (Section 5(a)(1) of the OSH Act of 1970,) OSHA requires the employer to provide a safe environment for their employees. 

However, each employee needs to be aware of the potential hazards they may be exposed to, take action to avoid or eliminate them, and report hazards/unsafe conditions as they arise.

This program is designed to provide learners with a high-level overview of a number of workplace safety tips &safety topics. Specifically, it covers an introduction to generic safe work practices.

This online Workplace Safety Basics: Work Practices course covers the following topics:   

  • Wellness
  • Back Safety   
  • Slips, Trips &Falls
  • Personal Protective Equipment
Online Safety Training Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety (CAN) Safety Training

A Canada-Compliant Training Class for Ladder Safety (covers portable, fixed, specialty and job-made ladders). I-CAB Recognized. This course satisfies Canada’s requirements for the classroom training. Ladders can be found in any workplace, jobsite, or home and are often overlooked as a safety hazard due to their commonality. However, ladders are consistently one of the leading causes of workplace incidents. To help employers and workers complete compliant ladder safety training, this online Ladder Safety Online course covers the fundamentals for the safe use of portable self-supporting, portable non-self-supporting, fixed, specialty, and job-made ladders. Complete with detailed modules and case studies, this online safety course satisfies the requirements for classroom training. Upon completion, you will be able to print a customizable form that can be used as needed to observe worker application of the principles discussed during the training. This online Ladder Safety Online course covers the following topics:
  • Ladder types
  • Ladder components and how they differ between ladder types
  • How to build a job-made wooden ladder
  • Pre-shift inspections
  • Portable and fixed ladder inspections
  • Labels
  • How to choose a ladder
  • 3-point contact method
  • Scaffolding
  • Setup and takedown of ladders
  • Hazards of working with ladders
  • Ladder incident case studies
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Safety Training Courses Matter

“Shallow men believe in luck;wise and strong men in the cause and effect."

When you take safety training to heart you significantly increase your understanding of how to work in a safe manner. Follow your online courses closely and complete the online assignments. You will get out of the training course what you put into it and one day it could save your life. Online courses are designed so that you can complete them at your own pace from anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

You will immediately receive a certificate of completion for the online safety training you have taken. Certificates are printable when the online course is completed or can be easily forwarded to your employer. Both a wallet and a wall-sized certificate are generated automatically.