Fire Extinguisher Training Online Course

Fight small fires and understand the basics of fighting fires through prevention and the use of fire extinguishers

Many hazards can arise around a fire. Fire extinguisher preparation through training is essential.

This Online Fire Extinguisher Training Course Covers:

  • How do fires burn?
  • Fuel types and states
  • Heat Types
  • Learning How does Oxygen affect fires?
  • Different Types of Fires
  • Learning Fire extinguisher types/ agents
  • Important of Fire Extinguisher inspections
  • Learning Basic firefighting
  • Learning How to control different types of fires

This online Fire Training course will help to educate workers who may respond to small fires using stored pressure or cartridge operated extinguishers. Many fires can be contained quickly by a prompt response with the right equipment. Our basic Fire Safety Training course provides a proactive approach to Fire Safety.

Workers who are designated to use fire extinguishers must be trained as part of any emergency action plan. How to operate fire extinguishers, how to handle them safely, how to use fire extinguishers in the workplace , different types of fires and what fuels them as well as picking the right fire extinguisher.

Set Safety’s online fire extinguisher training course teaches basic information on fighting fires with fire extinguishers as well as provide confidence, inform and demonstrate safe and effective use of fire extinguishers.

Employees using the wrong type of fire extinguisher on the wrong class of fire is what this fire extinguisher training is designed to prevent. OH&S requires employees to be training to use fire extinguishers as part of fire prevention and emergency action plan.

By the end of fire extinguisher training course you will have completed and understood :

  • Fire Burn Types
  • Oxygen Role in A Fire
  • Different Fire Types
  • Fire Extinguisher Basics.
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • Basic firefighting
  • How to control different types of fires



1 Hours


Print-ready, Valid for 36 months



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