Work Site Orientations

Effective Online Orientations

Online training is an adaptive way to get the best from employees you hire and are accessible on mobile devices and computers at any time of the day. This approach is engaging and creates a phenomenal increase in preliminary training effectiveness, expedites onboarding and through virtual proctoring will validate the online learner’s identity.

Build your own orientation online with internal videos, policies, powerpoints, digital onboarding forms and quizzes or our team can help.

Advantages of Online Orientations:

Cost Effective – Moving your orientation online eliminates added costs of instructors, travel time, printed materials, classroom bookings, and the task of exam grading. It will also increase productivitiy time for employees by allowing them to complete their training off site.

Retention – Thru videos, activities, voiceovers and quizzing, students are engaged. Great for non-native English employees who may want a self-paced, low-stress learning environment.

Confidence – Taking any assessment can be nerve-wracking, but the confidence that comes from completing online training before arriving on a work site gives employees a sense of preparedness. Knowing the essentials of a job provided through an online training will make employees feel more comfortable with the work they complete and will ultimately feel supported in their continued development and success with the company.

Convenience – With online work site orientations, employees can complete their training anywhere they need or want. Training can be done onsite, at home, or on the go. Employees can learn at their own pace and their own time.

Consistency – With online content, all training information remains consistent. You can guarantee each work site employee is receiving the same training experience.