Online Classroom Calendar

Classroom Management System

Managing your internal classroom training is simple with our Online Classroom Calendar tool. Whether you want to train your employees, customers, contractors, or management, this robust classroom calendar allows you to generate training events, reserve rooms, assign instructors to the sessions, and enroll participants while easily managing all the details (such as course payments, enrolment volumes, waitlists, additional course materials, and much more).

This interactive online program provides students with a self-registration option that allows them to search and view classroom courses, request enrollment in an upcoming training sessions, and confirm course attendance at the end. The system automatically sends confirmation of class enrollment, reminders for upcoming courses, and allows students the option to withdraw from the registered event.

Online Booking Calendar
For courses that book up quickly, the Online Classroom Calendar operates a waitlist feature to electronically notify all students (on the course waitlist) the moment an available seat opens up to new registrants (on a first-come-first-serve basis).

A built-in certificate generator can instantly create a certificate for each student upon successful completion of the classroom course. Once their certificate is generated online, the system will also generate a training record for that course and add it to their individual online account (updating the Training Record Management System if utilized).

With classroom profiles, you can create classrooms and tie-in information relevant to all instructors and students. Items such as the address, room capacity, muster points, emergency protocols, parking areas, washroom locations, and any available audio-visual equipment.

Once the classroom is created in the system, you can make it easy to find the right location by providing attendees with automated instructions on where to go when they arrive on-site, how to register, and directions to the specific classroom (e.g. third classroom to the right).

Including an interactive online map in your classroom directions allows for GPS navigation on most smartphones. This will display an interactive Google Map in the training event when a student selects a course through the online calendar. This map is also included in the confirmation email sent to students and instructors.

To further ease your training administration, you can assign each course a unique title, ID number, and description. Customize your course requirements, elect who are the approved instructors, and set the price, enrolment maximum & minimum numbers, course duration, including start and stop times for each date.

While creating the course, you can upload images and videos to appear in the training event popup when students click on an event in the online calendar.

Need to reschedule a training class? Simple drag and drop functionality allows to you to move the course to a new date. All registered participants and instructors for you will be automatically updated.

With our Online Classroom Calendar, you can designate approved instructors & facilitators by uploading their information and training history (and résumé) into the system. You may then schedule them to teach specific training events.

Once instructors are assigned a classroom training course, they will be asked to confirm availability for each course they are scheduled to instruct. This prevents teachers from being double-booked or assigned classroom courses they are not certified to instruct.

The Classroom Management System makes it easy for instructors to manage upcoming training courses. At any time, instructors can log in to the system and view a full list of all courses they’ve been assigned as well as view any pending confirmations.