Equipment Management

Electronically manage all equipment-related documents and information in a central online location

Keeping track of equipment on the worksite can be challenging. Using our innovative software, you can electronically manage all equipment-related documents and information in a central online location. We have a solution to meet your tracking needs including:

  • Qualified Personnel Tracking
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Hours of Operation Tracking
  • Digital form creation/ automatic distribution
  • Advanced Analytics


Form Integration – This feature is fully integrated with your online form creator. Build digital forms, assign them to specific equipment, and choose whether these documents need to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly. Assigned employees or operators can complete required forms in the field, and instantly upload changes eliminating potential issues of papers getting filed incorrectly or even lost.

Form Management – create unlimited inspection forms, hours of service logs, audits, maintenance reports, and forms for any personnel to complete using any device via our mobile APP. 

Multimedia Input – Allow employees to upload videos and images into submitted forms, communicate expectations for completion and requirements via video.

Automatic Notifications – Set notifications to trigger when employees identify challenges, maintenance issues, or potential worksite safety issues.

Frequency Settings – Customize how and when forms assigned to equipment must be completed. Send email reminders to ensure procedures are followed and inspections are submitted.

Maintenance Tickets – Specify areas in your equipment’s assigned forms to have qualified personnel manage maintenance tickets in real time.

Form Reporting – On-Demand access to reports completed as well as access to outstanding documents to help make managing equipment on the worksite easy.