SafeTapp: The Latest in Training Certificate Management

Depending on their job title and responsibilities, an employee can have easily have ten, twenty, maybe even thirty or more valid certifications. Trying to store, organize, and manage that amount of paper can be a nightmare to say the least.

Workplace Efficiency with SafeTapp

Training Certificate Management - Mobile Safety App For Business

The Convenient App –Access to Training Records

That’s where SafeTapp comes in. This convenient app can be downloaded to a phone or tablet, providing easy, on-the-go access to all training records. Whether you’re an employee or employer, Safe Tapp makes managing training certificates and records easy.


Forget thick wallets filled with certificates. SafeTapp allows you to download and store all of your training certificates in one convenient place. You’ll never have to worry about losing or forgetting paper certificates again. Everything can be stored and organized in a single convenient location, your phone!


The days of photocopying, filing, and organizing employee training records are over. SafeTapp allows easy access to training records and certifications. The great news is that employees can submit training records for employer approval directly from the app! This syncs directly with our Learning Management system features for expiry alerts and more. This app is dynamic, updating as employees complete courses, earn certificates, and recertify. Optional QR code technology allows for instant verification of employee training and records, perfect for ensuring everyone has the proper training before setting foot on the job site. Allow technology to simplify your company’s training and certification records. Contact SET Safety today to learn more about how SafeTapp can benefit your business! Schedule a Demo

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