Workplace Safety: Professional Designations, development and careers

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OH&S professional designations can be challenging to navigate when investigating a career in Safety. Depending on your country, province/state, employer and industry, there may be mandatory educational requirements or training qualifications needed.

The CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineering) has put together a fantastic PDF resource covering topics such as:

  1. OH&S Practitioner VS OHS Professional
  2. Safety Certifications VS Safety Designations
  3. Canadian Safety Certifications & International Safety Certifications
  4. Common position titles for entry-level, intermediate, managerial and executive safety professionals
  5. FAQ’s and other considerations

Bear in mind that different levels of education are only available from specific institutes. With Covid-19 impacting face-to-face instruction, you may consider online options. As an example, the University of Fredericton offers many different programs.

There could also be safety training pre-requisites needed depending on the designation.

By using resources such as Linkedin and Indeed, you can also investigate the various job-opportunities in your region.

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