Considerations when outsourcing video production for online training courses

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Outsourcing Video Production for Online Training CoursesWhen building online training programs or digital orientations, it’s common to integrate corporate messages and videos into the e-learning course. The question is, do you take this on internally or do you outsource the video production process?The goal of hiring a production company is to utilise their professional expertise and experience to create a product to fill your need perfectly. The relationship essentially becomes one where the video producers should be able to communicate your ideas seamlessly. Therefore, it is very important to establish the workflow and scope right from the get-go. Here are some ways to do this:

Do your research.

Find out everything you can about the company you will be doing business with. You want to look for a team that has a lot of video production experience, specifically in your field. You can ask to see samples of their work. Ask them to see more specific examples relating to your job, and maybe content that isn’t on their website. Good references and reviews are also important.

Split up the workflow.

It is a good idea to establish who will be writing script, scheduling shooting times, and communicating with your team. The best work is done when the production team’s customer carries out a lot of detail work, so the videographers and editors can be focused on the end-product in sight.

Address the Budget.

It’s critical to establish scope early on which may include a proposal with a range that the video production team pledges to stay within. Likewise, it is important to clearly propose the responsibilities and deliverables of the video production company. Ensure the production team is keeping good records of their hours and workflow, so the budget can be communicated clearly by both parties throughout the process.

Who has final cut?

Of course, the customer should always have final cut. They are the authors of the project. The question is, after the product has been delivered, what if there is a lot of work still to do in order for it to be perfect? This is why it is a good idea to leave some budget for tweaking the final deliverables. Make sure you discuss this ahead of time. You can also save a lot of extra editing time by being clear in your communication early on and throughout.

Above all, when you start your working relationship with a video production company, make sure everything feels right. They should be easy to communicate with, and you should be able to see if they ‘get it’ quickly. There is a large video production market due to the ever-decreasing capital investment one must make to get into the field, so make sure to choose wisely.

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