New Online Safety Training Courses Released

1700+ Occupational health and safety online  courses for Canada and the US. 

Our online safety courses have been widely acknowledged and recognized by industry leaders, associations and worksites. 

Below is the list of new courses that have been recently added. Each month our course library continues to grow with our content-partnerships. 

Safe Manual Material Handling

Online Safe Manual Material Handling course informs you on how to properly lift materials and prevent workplace musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs).

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Transportation of Dry Ice

High-level course is for people who handle and transport dry ice. This course will be presented as: 1. Overview of Dry Ice 2. Dry Ice Hazards 3. Safe Handling and Transportation 4. Classification 5. Documentation and Safety Markings 6. Training 7. Reporting Requirements 8. Conclusion and Final Quiz

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Slips, Trips, and Falls in the General Workplace

This online Slips, Trips, and Falls in the General Workplace course walks you through the mechanics of same-level slips, trips, and falls and the hazards that lead to them.

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Anti-Corruption Policies in the Workplace

Online Anti-Corruption Policies in the Workplace course informs you on how to identify, prevent, and report any corrupt behaviour occurring in the workplace.

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Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: Handling Adverse Conditions

Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: Handling Adverse Conditions discusses how drivers can prepare for and drive defensively when encountering bad weather, work zones, distracted and aggressive drivers and more.

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DOT Cargo Securement

DOT Cargo Securement discusses the goals of the DOT’s Cargo Securement Standard, the requirements that the Standard places on motor carriers and drivers, and what drivers should do to ensure that the cargo on the truck they are driving stays put when they’re on the road. There are any number of things that can cause an accident on the highways.

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DOT Hours of Service

DOT Hours of Service discusses the Department of Transportation’s “Hours of Service” regulations, what the regulations themselves require, and what drivers need to do to comply with them.

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Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: The Basics

riving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: The Basics discusses how truckers can not only prepare and defend themselves from other drivers, but from driving hazards such as low visibility, work zones and pedestrians as well. When you drive defensively, you’re always “looking for trouble”.

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