NOW ONLINE: Leadership for Safety Excellence (*renamed Leadership in Safety*)

Health & safety management online certificate programPlease NOTE this course has been re-named ‘Leadership in Safety’ – we encourage you to review the course details with your employer, association or worksite prior to making your purchase. See course details here. Are you interested in the qualifications provided by a Leadership for Safety Excellence course? What is typically a two-day classroom course can now be accessed online via SET Safety’s Online Course Catalogue. Save your time and effort for your work and family by enrolling in our course. Read our summary below of the four main modules of this highly demanded course.Each module below requires approximately two hours at a computer (progress can be saved). Students receive three attempts to pass the module exams with a mark of 80% or higher.View Courses

Become a Successful Safety Leader

Supervisor’s Role

This first module covers a variety of topics: corporate culture; legislated responsibilities; safety-related tasks; and general safety responsibilities.

Hazard I.d., Assessment & Control

In your second module, you will be briefed on the following subjects: controlling identified hazards; assessing conduct during work activities; and recognizing/identifying safety hazards.

Formal Workplace Inspections

Our third module is geared towards lessons on: conducting worksite inspections; differing between inspections and hazard assessments; interpreting observations; documenting findings; and developing recommendations.

Accident/incident Investigation

Finally, the remaining module familiarizes you with the appropriate steps of an investigation and teaches you when and why an investigation may be necessary.Once all four modules are satisfactorily completed, the student will be issued an online certificate of completion available for download and printingReady to go? You or your employees can start the course in a just a few short clicks. Do you have any further questions or concerns about our online Leadership for Safety Excellence course? Contact SET Safety today! We can ease any fears you may have and schedule a demonstration of our robust system. View Courses

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