FREE Safety training videos, Content & other HSE Resources

FREE Safety Training - Health and Safety Video Resources

Safety and Training professionals are always on the hunt for new content and ideas for employee training and tailgate meetings.

Here is a quick list of 9 resources to utilize or share with colleagues:

  1. FREE toolbox talks from BC Construction Safety Alliance
  2. FREE Videos via OSHA. Dozens of short clips on everything from Covid-19 to Fall Protection.
  3. FREE Employee Safety Knowledge Online course covering a variety of topics
  4. Fantastic Podcast for Safety
  5. Great CDC Safety Articles
  6. Free, short safety quizzes
  7. FREE OSHA standards, hazard solutions and resources for various industries
  8. Safety Videos from the Think and Be Safe youtube channel
  9. FREE Toolbox talks from the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association

Should you or your company be on the hunt for compliance-based online safety training or learning management solutions, please contact us


SET Safety offered 13 Free online safety courses for workers and employers

  1. Aerial Boom &Scissor Lift Pre-Shift Inspections
  2. Crane and Hoist Hand Signals
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Occupational Health And Safety Awareness
  5. Positive Air Shutdown Systems
  6. Safety Knowledge Evaluation (SKE)
  7. Sales Training
  8. Sit-Down Forklift Pre-Shift Inspection
  9. Skid Steer Loader Pre-Shift Inspection
  10. Telehandler / Variable Reach Forklift Pre-Shift Inspection
  11. Wire Rope Rigging Inspection & Replacement
  12. Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps
  13. Working Together –The Code and the AODA
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